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Who We Are

A Bit About Us

Neil and Josh met over decade ago, bonding over a mutual interest in cars, music, and sports. Over time, their hobbies expanded into film and audiovisual media. This spurred them to spend much of their free time recording music and video, both for school as well as for fun. Near the end of their time in high school, they met Jae. She shared in their common interests as well, but also brought with her a love of photography, design, and hand-created arts.

With similar aesthetic ideals and principles, the trio decided to pursue a joint venture that would allow them to hang out while working on creative projects. This enterprise would give them the freedoms to produce the kind of art they loved. The result? Layer One Creative.

Layer One Creative is a photographic and creative team serving the Greater Toronto Area, York Region and beyond. It is dedicated to two things: illustrating your life-stories through photography, and helping creatively design visuals for your small business.

Long ago, ancient civilizations told their stories purely through imagery. These were carved into stone for the following generation to inherit, so that the stories were never lost. After all, everyone loves a story that comes with pictures. Even now, the easiest way to captivate any audience is to provide visuals.
This is what Layer One Creative aims to do with photography. Each of your precious life-stories should be preserved and illustrated by photos that are meant to stay the hand of time. Your stories are important. Trust the team to capture your special moments as they unfold, with clean and bright imagery that leaves no detail out. Every chapter of your life deserves to be illustrated.


Small businesses can get lost in the everyday tedium: paperwork, client orders, running back and forth trying to get everything done with not enough time during the day… It can be hard to find time to evaluate your business’ visual impact, and even harder to create new visuals with which to market the business.
Layer One Creative has got you covered. Simple things, like detailed product photography or a logo that is truly unique to the business, can be the most effective. Your small business can become a large part of your life. Whether you need a fresh start or a kick-start, the goal of the Creative is to ensure your business has great visuals with which to market itself.


Instagram Specialist, #hashtag connoisseur

Neil Amagna

Neil can't stop thinking outside the box. Clients rely on his expertise behind the lens, as well as his fine eye for detail in design, to create works beyond what they had in mind. The little touches that he adds make each piece unique and incredible. Away from his computer, Neil spends much of his time with Paddington the puppy, giving him love and treats. Much of his personal portfolio includes photos of cars, both his own and those of his like-minded, car-fanatic friends. He is happiest when talking about anything with wheels.

Facial Hair Expert

Josh De Sa

Josh deals with the creative and technical aspects of Layer One's audio and visual media (specifically sound design, videography, and solid works). He works with each client to make sure their needs and our creative designs combine to create stunning pieces. When he's not dreaming up ideas for projects, Josh indulges in films, music, food, nature, and can be described as a fervent futurist, enthusiastic mountain biker, keen zombie suppression theorist, adjuster of dials, presser of red buttons, shifter of gears and worshiper of things brewed.

Siesta Specialist

Jae Valerio

Jae treats clients like close friends. She works tirelessly with each one to ensure that their vision speaks into every part of the end product. Her photos and design ideas aim to showcase what makes each subject unique. Jae owns 7 identically-grey sweaters, 8 bottles of gold nail polish and more mugs than she can drink from in one day. She loves her Havanese puppy, Paddington. She can be found with a heavy sketchbook, hand-lettering or painting for her own personal projects, when she isn't behind a camera or a computer.